Yo Rewards

Ask in any Yokico store for your personalised Yo!Card.

Collect a Yo! stamp for every R100 you spend instore within one transaction. When the card is completed with 10 stamps, fill in your personal details and we will give you a free Yokico gift to enjoy.


Finer Print:

  • Cards must be redeemed for the free gift at the time the 10th stamp is issued.
  • No retrospective Yo!stamps will be issuedOnly applies for instore transactions (not online- sorry!)
  • We cannot replace lost, damaged or stolen Yo!cards.
  • Free gifts will change from time to time at Yokico's discretion.
  • Free gift can not be returned or exchanged.
  • Yo!stamps only issued to the purchaser of a Gift Card (not to customer whom is making payment with a Gift Card)