Creative Download

  • Mothers Day Card

    Moms - do what you do: Download, and print out the A4 card artwork onto paper or card. Fold in half, find the Yokico markers, get your kids to col...
  • Selfie Window Dress Up Activity

    So much fun to be had with these super easy to clean off, chalk markers! Draw your favourite character around your face or body onto a mirror or gl...
  • Create your own Selfie Props

      Let's play dress up and have fun with Yokico selfie Props! All you'll need are some crayons, a pair of scissors, a camera and a splash of creativ...
  • Make your own Dino head

    Keeping your kids busy in the holidays has never been this easy. All you need is a shoe box, cereal box, or any box really, and some fun Yokico ma...
  • Tiny Creatures Colouring Pages

    Hi there Yoki's! Check out these awesome colouring pages to keep you creating on a rainy day! Come along with the Tiny Creatures on an adventure.
  • Let's colour in Dungeons & Dragons!

    Fire up your creativity with our Dungeons and Dragons and Silver Sword colouring pages!
  • Let's create a colour wheel.

    At Yokico we love all different types of weather - especially double rainbows (yum)! So follow the steps below to make your own unique and colourful weather wheel!
  • Let's make nature friends.

    To celebrate Spring (yay!), how about we create our own nature friends? We have drawn 4 friends for you to decorate. Print them out, colour them in and dress them up in natures treasures.
  • Let's Create a Picture Frame!

    Let's create a picture frame! This picture frame, created by gathering together all your old pencil stubs, will make a beautiful gift or addition to your own fridge to frame any special memory.
  • Let's Make a Jar of Hearts!

    We have a very special craft activity for you to show your loved ones how much you appreciate and love them. Just follow the easy steps below to create your own Jar of Hearts and make someone very happy!