Let's make nature friends.


To celebrate Spring (yay!), how about we create our own nature friends? We have drawn 4 friends for you to decorate. Print them out, colour them in and dress them up in natures treasures.


Go on a nature walk to collect your treasures.

Collect beautiful leaves, seeds, twigs, petals, flowers and anything else interesting and beautiful from nature. The more the merrier!


Time to use your imagination!
Keitu has decided that Foxy has been caught in a Spring shower as she walks to her Grandma for tea.  Luckily she found a beautiful umbrella to keep her from getting wet.
This is Josh - he is playing his flute as he hunts for tigers!

So girls and boys who are you going to create?  

We would love to see.  Please share with us on Instagram and Facebook. 


Download & print out these 4 nature friends HERE


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  • Love this idea with Spring just around the corner !

    Flower Girl

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