Premium Trolley Bag - Quality Issue

Dear Yoki Fam,

We sincerely regret to inform you of a quality issue identified with our Premium Trolley Bag that you recently purchased.

We do work very hard with our suppliers to ensure the quality of all our products, however we have come up short to our expectations with this important trolley bag product. Fundamentally there is fabric material flaw at the base of the trolley which is likely to be damaged over time as it is pulled. This will negatively affect the appearance of the bag

If your bag is affected, we would encourage you to please visit any Yokico store for a swift exchange to another bag or item or a full refund. Unfortunately we do not have another trolley bag of the same size and specification to offer, but most of our stores will have alternative trolley bags to offer.

We do appreciate that this back to school period is both a stressful and busy time for both parents and school children and we want to provide our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience and disruption this may cause.

We are taking this issue up with our relevant supplier to ensure such situations may be avoided in the future.

See how to proceed below and please email for more details if required.

Thank you hopefully for your understanding.

Kind Regards,

Yoki Crew🌈




  1. Identify the damage on the Premium trolley backpack.
  2. Bring the bag to any Yokico store.
  3. Provide your contact details and receive a full refund.


  1. Identify the damage on the Premium trolley backpack.
  2. Send photos of the damaged area and your contact details to
  3. We will contact you with a return of bag and refund process.